Sundays now allow for cyclists, runners, walkers, and equestrian users to safely utilize the roads of South Mountain Park.

Every Sunday

5 a.m. – 1 p.m. South Mountain Park roads are CLOSED to motorized vehicles starting at MILE MARKER 1.0 (1 mile into the park along Summit Road). Non-motorized usage can most safely occur on the roads above this 1.0 mile marker, but are alerted to the 1 p.m. opening to motorized vehicle usage.

Note – this includes Sunday access by motorized vehicles to San Juan Road, which has previously been open the first full weekend of each month.

Silent Sunday

The ENTIRE DAY (5 a.m. to 7 p.m.) ALL roads beyond our Center are CLOSED to motorized vehicles, reserving them for non-motorized uses. Motorized vehicles inside the park before the 7 p.m. gate closure will have road access starting at 7 p.m. Non-motorized vehicles using the roads before 7 p.m. are alerted to be aware of motorized vehicle use starting at this time.

Vehicle parking is available near the main entrance at the South Mountain Environmental Education Center, which is within close proximity to several trails. Come inside to enjoy our Gallery and Reading Room to learn more about this special place!

For upcoming Silent Sunday Dates visit the City of Phoenix website.