August Family Fun Nights at SMEEC

by Julia Kard, Program Supervisor for South Mountain Environmental Education Center

Over the past few weeks SMEEC has hosted a few different family-friendly evening events. The first was a “Cactus Hotel” themed Family Fun Night featuring hands-on learning stations and a dual-language reading of the book. Around 50 people showed up and had a great time learning about the Sonoran Desert’s plants and animals, meeting with some furry, feathery, and scaly visitors from the Phoenix Zoo, and hitting the Judith Tunell trail for some scorpion “hunting” with black lights.

Next up, we had around 75 people come to learn more about the upcoming solar eclipse in an interactive Solar Eclipse 101 lecture. Those who attended learned all the about solar eclipses and how they can safely view the Great American Solar Eclipse on August 21.

We have more nighttime fun coming up at SMEEC, so if you have wanted to come to an a event here and haven’t, what are you waiting for? There is fun to be had at SMEEC!