Each Adventure Pack contains guidance and tools for self-guided exploration on the trails around South Mountain Environmental Education Center. As part of each pack, multiple activities help learners better understand concepts in various fields of study related to our South Mountain, Sonoran Desert setting. 


Most packs are designed for ages ranging from young children through adulthood.  Activities are designed to be completed in about an hour of time, so please rent your pack at least an hour before closing time for the Center.


South Mountain Sensational Snakes

Learn about our South Mountain Rattlesnakes, snake colorations for camouflage and mimicry, venom vs. poison, and snake anatomy, and have fun with a Tall Tale about snakes, making snake tracks, and a game about snake senses!

Birding Without Binoculars

Investigate many characteristics of birds and learn how to identify different kinds without binoculars! This pack includes a bird song identifier, silhouette cards, flight pattern pages, guided observation pages, and a fun game that explores how birds eat.

South Mountain Games

This fun pack includes Desert Bingo, Categories, Minute in the Desert, ABC Game, 20 Questions, and Desert Jokes and Riddles!

Cactus Hotel

Enjoy the storybook, ‘Cactus Hotel’, while touring spots along our Judith Tunell trail that highlight points of the story, learning more about the plants and animals featured. A fun plush with finger puppets makes the learning even more fun!

Not-So-Creepy Crawlies

This pack introduces the not-so-creepy crawly creatures of the Sonoran Desert and how to identify them. Learn about different types of scorpions and spiders through photo cards, build an arthropod and play a game exploring how spiders get food.

Amazing Desert Plants

Be able to observe up close various parts of Sonoran desert plants and compare their features to plants of different climates. This pack includes a desert dichotomy key, observation box, a set of cactus puzzles and thermometer activity.